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Marketing Automation Services

The perfect blend of strategy and technology to make your marketing efforts more efficient and effective.



Marketing automation simplifies marketing across different channels with the use of technology. By automating repetitive tasks such as email marketing, social media posting and even ad campaigns, and personalizing experiences to target audiences, marketing teams can save time while improving results.

Streamlining your marketing efforts and using data to help personalize your communication helps move leads through the sales cycle and maximize the ROI of the overall campaign. This aligns sales and marketing teams even more!

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Users of marketing automation experience:


12.2 % reduction in marketing overhead


80% increase in leads


14.5% increase in sales productivity

Choosing a Marketing Automation Tool

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Every business is unique, therefore it's important to understand your team's goals when it comes to scaling your marketing strategy. Some important factors to determine include:

Budget Range and Business Needs
Ease of Use
Reporting & Analytics Capabilities
Integration Options
Portal Limitations 

A tool is only as powerful as the strategy implemented within it. Therefore, if your team does not fully adopt a marketing automation platform, you may not getting the most of your investment.

HubSpot Marketing Automation

Modern Driven Media has chosen to partner with HubSpot as our preferred marketing automation platform. Since establishing our partnership with HubSpot in 2016, we have full confidence in its ability to streamline marketing process, personalize communication and give greater visibility into customer data and activity. Their dedication to growth and continuous improvement of the platform allows us to confidently recommend their platform as a leader in the industry. Interested in learning more about how to implement marketing automation? Reach out to our team of experts today. 


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Benefits of
Marketing Automation Services


Saves Time

With marketing automation, time-consuming tasks are handled automatically, giving you more time to develop creative campaigns, analyze data, and engage with customers on a deeper level.

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Conserves Budget

Marketing automation enables better targeting and personalization, ensuring that resources are allocated to the right audience at the right time, leading to improved campaign effectiveness and higher return on investment.


Scales More

With marketing automation, businesses can handle larger volumes of leads and customers without sacrificing the quality of engagement, allowing them to expand their reach, target new markets, and grow their customer base more effectively.

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