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HubSpot Onboarding (4)

HubSpot Onboarding

Get up and running faster in a portal that speaks specifically to your business with the support of a HubSpot Platinum Partner.


Importance of
HubSpot Onboarding

So your team just invested in HubSpot — a powerful, all-in-one CRM platform to grow your business. The team is excited and you are ready to see the impact it can make, but where do you start?

Revamping the operations of your business doesn’t happen overnight. You’ll still have a business to run while transitioning to HubSpot, so it’s essential to minimize any disruptions in your day-to-day. Our HubSpot Onboarding services focus on creating a strong foundation within your portal, helping your team to adopt all tools within your platform, and getting the most out of your investment quicker.

Onboarding Services

HubSpot has software fit for every part of your business. Manage the entire buyers journey – from marketing to sales to customer success – all in one platform. Each individual tool can make an impact, but when they are use in tandem, that's when teams see real growth.

CRM Implementation


Goodbye to piles of business cards and messy spreadsheets. Track every detail of your business relationships — all in one place. From customer interactions to sales opportunities to service tickets, HubSpot allows your to integrate your operations into a single platform to have a single source of truth.

Marketing Hub Implementation

Marketing Hub

Marketing automation software focused on supplying your team with what you need to attract the attention of your target audience, convert that attention into customers, and analyze and report on your efforts.

Asset 106

Sales Hub

Powerful sales software helping teams close more deals, deepen relationships, and manage their pipeline more effectively — all on one connected platform. Simply your sales process and allow technology and automation to compliment your sales team.

Service Hub Onboarding

Service Hub

Customer service software assisting in delivering authentic service by providing customers with unparalleled support to establish long-lasting relationships and increase lifetime value.



Migrate your website's CMS and better optimize your website for SEO, create engaging lead conversation paths, and get best practices around editing and creating content for your HubSpot-hosted website — all with your business objectives in mind.

Why Partner With a
HubSpot Agency

Our onboarding process is a bit different than HubSpot’s. While HubSpot guides you on how to implement their tools and features, we take the time to understand how the tools and features will work harder for your business. Forget about trying to fit your business processes into a standard template. Each business is different — from your customer journey to your  internal processes, so the tool needs to operate for your team’s growth. 

HubSpot Onboarding Tiers

Whether you are looking for a “Do It Yourself”, a “Do It With Me” or “Do It For Me Approach,” we have custom onboarding plans that fit your business needs. More than that, we have helped dozens of companies make HubSpot work specifically for their team.


Do It Yourself

Confident in your team's ability to get the platform up and running, but looking for the support of HubSpot exports to guide you along? Our guided onboarding package will allow your team to get in the platform and learn it well all while having the reassurance of a trained team behind you ready to step in and guide in the areas your team needs support.

  • Weekly Touchpoints
  • Guided Work Session
  • Strategy & Consulting
  • User Training

Starting Price Per Hub



Do It With Me

Ready to jump into the HubSpot platform and learn alongside of a team of experts? Our "Do-It-With-Me" package will help your team scale your onboarding process by working in tandem with our implementation team to achieve your goals. Our team will work on the technical set up allowing your team to accelerate within the first 90 days.

  • Weekly Touchpoints
  • Technical Set Up of Portal
  • Data Migration Support
  • Initial Automation Creation
  • Strategy & Consulting
  • User Training

Starting Price Per Hub



Do It For Me

If your team is confined by timelines and resources, you may not feel you have the support to onboard the HubSpot platform internally. Our HubSpot experts work with your team to document your process and implement a fully customized HubSpot instance, complete with all company data, so your team is able to run and operate in scalable time frame.

  • Weekly Touchpoints
  • Strategy & Consulting
  • Process Documentation
  • Technical Set Up of Portal
  • Data Migration & Integration Support
  • Customized Data Infrastructure
  • Process Automation
  • Reporting Visibility
  • User Training

Starting Price Per Hub


client testimonial verso ministries

We're Only As Good As Our Clients Say We Are.

Working with the MDM team (Shana, Liv, Trent) has been great. They've made our lives SO easy. From navigating our previous booking system with an archaic UI to setting up zaps between our new booking system and HubSpot, MDM handled it all. They're creative, personable, and hardworking/do what it takes to get the job done. --Creative: The way they set up our sales pipeline with two different pipelines based on the two kinds of customers we have. This has been great for tracking purposes and monitoring which customers are associated to what. --Personable: I always enjoy our meetings with MDM. They're fun to talk to and work with! --Hard working: Early on in our project, one of the main people on their team left the company. I was initially a bit worried how this would impact our project timeline because at some companies, this would have caused significant roadblocks, but not with MDM! Shana kept the project moving along quite smoothly and we didn't notice any issues on our side. MDM is a great partner for us. While our onboarding is finished and phase two work is wrapping up, Verso looks forward to continuing this partnership in the future as we identify new initiatives we want to pursue with HubSpot.

Hunter Bratton

Verso Ministries

client testimonial - mandi

We're Only As Good As Our Clients Say We Are.

I've worked with MDM at two different early stage startups building out the full suite of HubSpot tools. I really can't say enough positive things about this team. They are professional, organized, strategic and talented. When implementing a system like HubSpot you really needs a team who understand the big picture and how it relates to the day-today operations of a company, you don't know what you don't know but the MDM team knows. I hope to work with MDM on my next start up and would highly recommend them to any company who is using the HubSpot tools.

Mandi Bateman

Chief Operations Officer

client testimonial - verso ministries

We're Only As Good As Our Clients Say We Are.

MDM supported us in a full data clean, CRM integration, and marketing strategy. They supported in new employee onboarding, dialed in out reporting dashboard and workflows. We have weekly stand-up call to maintain our HubSpot CRM and they provide insight into new updates provided by HubSpot and how we can integrate them into our current business process. Highly recommend MDM!

Gabe Valente

Versity Invests

Colearn Testimonial

We're Only As Good As Our Clients Say We Are.

MDM has really changed our entire organization. We are an ever developing organization with multiple unique services requiring detailed communication records. Prior to MDM's implementation of HubSpot we were falling short ensuring vital communication with our clients, repeating ourselves over and over with each client and constantly wasting time tracking down the stages of a client. The MDM team has been patient to support us with customized processes and unique services that fit our needs best! Even when we didn't know all that HubSpot could do to improve our systems, Shana and the MDM team made excellent suggestions and customizations for us! MDM is highly recommended for ALL organizations who market, sell and service clients and want to do it efficiently and successfully.

Karen Thompson


client testimonial - tmsa

We're Only As Good As Our Clients Say We Are.

Our organization had to move out a really outdated system into HubSpot, while also setting up our new Member Portal and Website. It was complicated and I kept throwing additional functionalities that I needed for our project. They were there with me every step of the way, and still take the time to answer my questions when I get stuck. Thank you MDM team!

Jennifer Karpus-Romain

Transportation Marketing & Sales Association

client testimonial - wake up and read the labels

We're Only As Good As Our Clients Say We Are.

The Modern Driven Media team helped us create a customer service system from scratch, integrated all of our softwares to make sure that everything worked smoothly, and they walked us through the entire process to make sure we were set up for success. Because of their help, we're now able to provide a better experience for our clients, and we can make more data driven decisions. The team is extremely easy to work with, and they're willing to help with whatever comes up. We are SO appreciative of their assistance, and we'd choose them over and over again. Thanks, MDM!

Sarah Persich

Wake Up & Read the Labels

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