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Case Studies

Transportation Marketing & Sales Association

TMSA is the only association dedicated to advancing the success of marketing and sales professionals in all modes of the commercial freight transportation market. Membership to TMSA enables sales and marketing professionals to learn and give back to the transportation and logistics industry through education, connections and resources.


TMSA was using MemberClicks to manage all of their memberships and host their website. The platform is outdated and did not make it easy to scale operations. With an annual conference quickly approaching, it would be advantageous for TMSA utilize the tools and features within HubSpot to improve sales and automate their processes.

  • Site is outdated and not easy to navigate

  • Data is not centralized (MemberClicks and HubSpot were not integrated)

  • Too many manual processes

  • Reporting visibility across all operations

Strategies & Solutions

Modern Driven Media recommended the TMSA team to migrate their entire website and operations to HubSpot to better manage their membership business. By migrating the website to HubSpot, we created a member portal which will allowed active members to access premium content, discounted event pricing and a directory of all memberships to communication and collaborate with.

By migrating all data and operations into HubSpot, Modern Driven Media was able to scale operations for TMSA. All payments are now processed through HubSpot's payments tools for both membership renewals and event and sponsorship purchases. In addition, our team was able to set up an automated process for membership renewals. As members approached their member expiration date, they are enrolled in a workflow series of email communication prompting them to pay their annual fees. When the payment was successfully processed, their membership renewed for another year. In the event the member did not renew, their membership status is updated and the contact lost access to their membership benefits.

All payments are now processed through HubSpot's payments tools for both membership renewals and event and sponsorship purchases. By integrating Quickbooks Online with HubSpot payments, all transactions are easily shared across platforms so reconciliation is a breeze for their finance team. Not only were we able to move all payments into HubSpot payments to streamline membership renewals, we also made the management of member transition much more manageable for the team. Through a series of workflow reminders, TMSA was able to improve renewal rates prior to the expiration date and automate revoking access to the membership portal when their member period lapsed.



Membership management is now much more manageable through the help of HubSpot automations. HubSpot allows the team to work completely within one platform to manage the day to day of their business, rather that having to reconcile data between two platforms that do not speak to one another.

  • Improved Data Management: TMSA is able to actively manage the memberships. Through increase automation, statuses are updated in real-time and the team is able to focus their attention on lapsed customers to revive them memberships.

  • Automated Membership Renewal Process: The automated membership renewal workflows allows TMSA to scale their renewals and focus on new revenue opportunities.

  • Premium Membership Benefits: The improved member portal within HubSpot CMS allows for secure access to premium member benefits making the user experience more enjoyable for their members and affiliate partners.



"Our organization had to move out a really outdated system into HubSpot, while also setting up our new Member Portal and Website. It was complicated and I kept throwing additional functionalities that I needed for our project. They were there with me every step of the way, and still take the time to answer my questions when I get stuck. Thank you MDM team!"

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