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Case Studies

Jet Lending

Jet Lending is Texas’s fast and friendly asset based lender. The mission of the Jet Lending team is to assist real estate investors in the purchase of property quickly with as little out-of-pocket cash as possible. By loaning money for the purchase and escrow additional funds for repair, Jet Lending is the partner real estate investors in the Texas real estate market to make investment loans for individual investors quick and easy.


Highly fragmented tech stack makes it difficult for operations to scale and keep data clean. The team was having difficulty scaling their operations with a large and highly disconnected tech stack. This led to a frustrating and inefficient sales process for their origination team. It became critical for Jet Lending to find a solution that centralized their data and integrated their operations from origination to funding.

  • Data was not clean or centralized in one single platform

  • Utilizing multiple systems for operations

  • Processing term sheet estimates is not efficient within the sales process

  • Lack of visibility into reporting


Strategies & Solutions

Centralize data and operations into a single source of truth and optimize their day-to-day through automations. Jet Lending explored HubSpot Growth Suite to centralize their data and partner with a robust CRM platform to achieve their goals and scale their operations. Modern Driven Media created a custom onboarding process to help their team fully migrate all data into the CRM and use the tool as their main source of truth for the operations of their business.

Once all of the data was migrated from Active Campaign and integrated with Mortgage Automator and the website was migrated to HubSpot CMS, we began to optimize their existing processes to help their loan officers become more efficient in their origination process.

Pre-Approval Process: Borrowers begin their exploration with the pre-approval process. Through a form submission on the website, deals will automatically be created within their Pre-Approval Process. Based on calculations conducted in HubSpot, borrowers will receive an automated pre-approval authorization to sign complete with their pre-approval qualifications. Through a series of automated communication, tasks and reminders, the team was able to drastically decrease the amount of time it took to provide the borrower with the information they need to move forward in their purchase decision.

Short Term & Long Term Loan Origination: The borrower is now able to apply for their short-term and long-term real estate loans directly through the website. Once the borrower provides all of the details of their real estate loan on the website, deals will automatically be created and processed within HubSpot.

Through a series of calculated properties, loan officers are able to create an automated term sheet estimate for the borrower to originate the loans in the HubSpot Quotes tool. Once the term sheet estimate is approved and signed, the loan process begins. The deal pipeline allows the Jet Lending team to automate their process through the following stages: appraisal order, title order, document collection, and funding.

Once the loan is active, the servicing team is able to begin their series of tasks and responsibilities which is fully documented and managed within the Service Hub. At this stage, the loan moves into the post closing stage and borrowers are able to request draws from their loan to begin to utilize the amount funded. This makes the entire process seamless for the borrower to request and obtain the funds needed.

Through the use of HubSpot's Playbooks tool, all processes are documented so new team members can be integrated in the process at any stage of the loan.


By integrating all operations into HubSpot as the single source of truth, the team was able to make their entire internal process more efficient. Modern Driven Media has been able to implement many optimizations to the original process scoped in the onboarding process to help the team evolve and scale. The most notable outcomes since transitioning daily operations to HubSpot include:

  • Improved Documentation: all data is recorded within HubSpot for the team to have improved tracking of customer interactions which has resulted in a significant boost in sales performance
  • Process Efficiency: teams are able to better collaborate through streamlined communication and task automation between departments
  • Shorter Time to Funding: through automated calculations, tasks and communication, Jet Lending is able to move loans through the pipeline faster, allowing their team to focus the attention of the areas that will improve their bottom line
  • Top-Line Reporting Visibility: leadership now has real-time reporting at their fingertips, eliminating the need for spreadsheets and hours spent in data mining.

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