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Case Studies

Core Imaging

Core Imaging provides high resolution digital imaging solutions to veterinarians around the globe. The team came to Modern Driven Media when they originally migrated to HubSpot's Sales Enterprise platform and quickly scaled to the full growth suite to optimize the processes throughout their business.


The presence of a highly fragmented tech stack poses significant challenges for scaling operations and maintaining clean data. The team had gone through standard onboarding of the HubSpot platform but was looking to optimize their portal to customize it to their business processes.

  • Data was not clean or centralized in one single platform - all meetings were booked within Acuity Scheduling

  • Lack of automation in the customer onboarding process

Strategies & Solutions

By centralizing data and operations into a single source of truth, Core Imaging was able to streamline processes and enhance efficiency. By optimizing day-to-day, manual tasks and providing full visibility over their clients, Modern Driven Media was able to automate Core Imaging's customer onboarding process.

Skill Builder is a complimentary training course for Core Imaging customers. After completing a series of video and training sessions, customers will receive their Skill Builder certification and be prepared to utilize their products and technology within every day patient care. By housing this entire process in HubSpot, the team is clearly able to track the status of every new customer.

  • Service Pipeline was created to document the 6 stages of the Skill Builder Process

  • Skill Builder ticket is automatically created once a deal is won

  • All communication and progression of the certification is automated

  • Videos are hosted on HubSpot to track when they have been completed

  • All training sessions are booked through HubSpot meeting links

  • Feedback surveys are deployed 2 days after the completion of their training


By integrating the entire Skill Builder process into HubSpot, the team was able to have full visibility over their customer onboarding process and eliminate manual work to make the process more efficient. The most notable outcomes since transitioning daily operations to HubSpot include:

  • Improved Tracking: all data is recorded within HubSpot providing the team with a real-time view of where customers stand within the process

  • Process Efficiency: by automating communication and progression through the onboarding process, the Core Imaging team was able to focus their attention on conducting the training sessions rather than managing their workflow

  • Higher Completion Rates and Shorter Time to Complete: with full visibility over the pipeline and automated communication, the was able to improve the completion rates of the certification while decreasing the average time of completion by 26%

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